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Desire for Companies to Go Smaller in Production
Encouraging Change to Adapt to Ever-Changing Market Demands
The Need for 3D

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What the industry is saying...

“Bret, Clothing Coulture is a great initiative. Thank you for being a key advocate of transformation in this industry you so love.”

Sharon Lim
CEO, Browzwear

“As ever, this podcast is super informative. Thanks, Stars Design Group for such a unique perspective on how fashion is moving forward in a eco-effective way.”

Mary Ruppert-Stroescu
Assoc. Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

“The Clothing Coulture podcast stands out in the fashion related podcasts of today. The content is extremely relevant, guided by the over 25 years of experience that Bret Schnitker has managing designers, design, product development, and production around the world”

Apple podcast user

“Thank You Stars Design Group for sharing these insights with the brands.”

Tanmaya Goswami
Fashion Business Strategist

If it is a part of the apparel process, they do it.